The Amazing Spider-Man will change Spideys origin story

The Amazing Spider-Man has made much of its telling of “the untold story” in its press materials, and director Marc Webb has revealed that a slightly different origin story will play out across his movie and its potential sequels.

“I wanted to give the audience something new, so that started off with getting underneath the parents’ story, which will unfold over probably a few movies,” Webb told MTV . “We don’t totally wrap up that story in this first movie. It’s sort of an ongoing mystery. That was something that was interesting to me.”

The death of Peter Parker’s parents was never really dealt with in Sam Raimi’s adaptation, but according to Webb, it was one of the key elements that drew him to the film.

“There are elements that we were very conscious of,” he says, “but it all emanated from [ the idea of ] this kid who got left behind by his parents many, many years before. I thought that was interesting enough for me to explore.”

“This is probably a reveal,” he continues, “but there is no wrestling match in this movie. The character is evolving in a different way. It’s about finding a balance between iconic elements of the Spider-Man mythology. Uncle Ben’s death transforms him emotionally, but it happens in a different way.”

The Amazing Spider-Man opens in the UK on 4 July 2012.

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