The 8 best brotherly rivalries in gaming

Weve collected eight of our favorite fighting brothers for you and tattling to mother about how he hit me wont do these hermanos any good.

Paxton Fettel / Point Man (F.E.A.R.)

Fettel comes back in ghostly form for FEAR 3 (we’re done writing it that other way), serving as a co-op partner for Point Man, but there’s never really a time where they actively “like” each other. Theres an interesting back-and-forth between the two, with Fettel explaining past experiences to fill in the holes in Point Mans memories. As it turns out that, they arent that different, making their whole brotherly rivalry all the better.

Sephiroth / Cloud (Final Fantasy VII)

Cloud wasnt aware that he was related to Sephiroth, completely oblivious that hes one of his many clones until later in the story. Cloud joins the militant group, SOLDIER, where they stage an attack on Shinras headquarters, eventually encountering Sephiroth for the first time. Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children pit the two against each other in crazy CGI swordfights, with no quarter shown in the name of brotherly love.

Solid Snake / Liquid Snake (Metal Gear Solid)

Liquid took this as an opportunity to prove that he was the superior one. His plan was to defeat our man Solid and demonstrate that his genes were just as good, if not better. This led to an epic struggle between the two that would shape the events throughout the series.

Vergil / Dante (Devil May Cry)

They were born of an extremely powerful father, Sparda, and have different notions of how best to use their lineages demonic power. Dante uses his skills to hunt evil demons and find the people responsible for the death of his mother and corruption of his brother, while Vergil uses his power for evil, stopping at nothing to obtain the level of power that his father once had. On top of that, theyre probably the most stylish twins in videogame history.

Shao Kahn / Raiden (Mortal Kombat films / MKvsDC)

Shao Kahn and Raiden arent the best of friends – mostly because Raiden stops Kahn from conquering Earthrealm time and time again. World dominations a solid basis for a rivalry if weve ever heard of one.

Kratos / Hercules (God of War III)

Hercules became extremely jealous of his brother and his status as their “fathers favorite.” He made it his goal to defeat Kratos and show that he was the better son. But it didnt work out well for him: Kratos smashed him to death in God of War IIIs ultimate face-off. Cmon, dude! Have a heart!

Mega Man / Proto Man (Mega Man 3)

Throughout the MM series, Proto Mans made for the quite the anti-hero, opposing Mega Man in various stages, only to lend him a hand when it really counts. You can tell Proto Mans the cool cat of the two those sweet shades are undeniably slick.

Gouken / Akuma (Street Fighter)

This heinous act put quite a strain on their relationship, but Gouken was not deterred and continued to train himself and others namely Ken and Ryu. Akuma came back to challenge Gouken multiple times, but was sorely defeated, only angering him more. He finally returned a final time and defeated Gouken, supposedly killing him. Little did Akuma know that Goukens time spent fostering his primal emotions had allowed him to simply fall into a deep coma, rather than bite the dust. Wed bet that trick would do great at parties.

Bro versus bro

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