Be careful of this bug if you reach the evac ship in Apex Legends Fight or Fright LTM

If you’ve spent any time with Apex Legends (opens in new tab)‘ limited-time mode, Fight or Fright, you’ll know how much of a relief – and accomplishment – it is to reach the safety of that evac ship. To even be in with a chance of getting there, you’d have to have outlived all but nine other players as well as survived the assault of shadowy Legend doppelgangers intent on taking you down.

Imagine the pain, then, of getting to the ship and receiving the you “will live to fight another day” victory message only to get kicked from the game simply for glancing in your inventory.

As reported on Reddit (opens in new tab) (thanks, Dexerto (opens in new tab)), some players don’t have to imagine this pain as it’s already happened to them. In a video called “I’ve never felt so cheated…”, Redditor Mirage_Main (opens in new tab) shared just how they succumbed to this very bug after a stunning display of dexterity got them to the safety of the evac ship. 

Despite having been told they were safe by an in-game message, a brief hover over the ultimate accelerant sitting in their inventory screen sees the game crash with an error saying “there was a problem processing game logic”.

Right now there’s no consensus on what, precisely, triggers it, nor how many platforms have been affected. Some believe it’s only the ultimate accelerant that spawns the crash, whilst others maintain simply dropping too many items in the ship can also kick you to the loading screen. And though some players report that their wins are preserved, others say the error can result in the win going entirely unrecorded, so until Respawn weighs in with a fix, it’s probably best to avoid your inventory screen entirely when on the ship, I guess?

Chris Edgerly, the voice of Pathfinder, recently shared a video of him doing the voice of an entirely different legend: Stan Lee (opens in new tab). As Alyssa reported, he opened the nearly two-minute long video with “I’m going to do the voice of the coolest man in comic book and action movie history, Mr. Stan Lee” before jumping directly into the impression. 

When Edgerly lands far away from the designated marker during the initial jump, he reminds his team “we can’t all be Spider-Man”. When he opens up loot boxes and starts taking items, he realises “the object of this game is like Easter. You run around, you pick up colorful things…”

Providing you don’t open your inventory in the evac ship, here’s everything you should know about Apex Legends Halloween Fight or Fright. (opens in new tab) 

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