This video is the closest well get to watching Stan Lee play Apex Legends

Chris Edgerly is the voice of Pathfinder, a cheery (but murderous) robot in Apex Legends (opens in new tab). His YouTube account is full of videos of him playing the game as Pathfinder while doing the Pathfinder voice – it’s some pretty good stuff, especially when someone nabs Pathfinder before he can and he insists upon doing the Pathfinder voice for other characters.But the best video of Edgerly isn’t him doing the voice of an Apex Legends character, but one where he does the voice of an entirely different legend: Stan Lee.

He opens the nearly two minute long video with “I’m going to do the voice of the coolest man in comic book and action movie history, Mr. Stan Lee” before jumping directly into the impression. If Stan Lee were alive today (RIP), he’d have no clue how to play Apex Legends, and Edgerly leans into that. When he lands far away from the designated marker during the initial jump, he reminds his team that “we can’t all be Spider-Man.” When he opens up loot boxes and starts taking items, he realizes “the object of this game is like Easter. You run around, you pick up colorful things…”

Edgerly’s team clearly finds this amusing, as you can hear consistent laughter throughout the game capture. And it’s definitely funny, as he’s not just doing Stan Lee’s voice, but embodying his persona. Raiding someone’s death box is “[going] through his personal effects” and the game’s entire premise reminds Mr. Lee of “the Secret Wars” which leads him to say, “I think we could sue.”

Naturally, he ends the capture with “Excelsior” because it wouldn’t be a Stan Lee tribute without that. But please, watch the entire video, you won’t regret it.

If this makes you want to log on and drop in, Apex Legends is in the midst of a spooky event. Here’s everything you should know about Apex Legends Halloween Fight or Fright. (opens in new tab) 

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