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Trophies and Achievements are often unlocked by completing the most mundane of tasks – finish that level, pick up the thing, shoot that man. All pretty boring, right? Well, things get a lot more interesting in the games on this list, thanks to the activities players are required to undertake to earn these steamy accolades.

Fancy checking out some of the sauciest ways to increase your gamerscore and shiny pots? Then read on…

The Sims 3

Woo Hoo! – Make Woo Hoo

As with its predecessors, The Sims 3 lets players control every aspect of their character’s life, from what skills they learn and careers they undertake, to the places they visit and the houses they live in. You also take charge of their social life, initiating conversations with other Sims to build up relationships and unlock additional options as your friendship increase.

Once your relationship score with another Sim is high enough, conversations reveal that they find you ‘extremely irresistible’ and options to ‘Woo Hoo!’ or ‘Try For Baby’ will appear. Selecting either of these activities sends your virtual people scurrying off to the nearest bed, where much ruffling of the duvet and a flurry of love hearts indicate the deed has been done. So, if you’ve ever wondered where baby Sims came from, there’s your answer.

Grand Theft Auto IV

Warm Coffee – You were invited into your girlfriend’s house

When modders discovered code for the abandoned ‘Hot Coffee’ sex mini-game in GTA: San Andreas, it’s fair to say that Rockstar found themselves in pretty hot water with both politicians and the mainstream media. However, as R* are never ones to shy away from controversy, they dropped in a cheeky reference to this incident when naming Grand Theft Auto IV’s virtual awards.

Niko is introduced to a number of potential girlfriends during the course of the game, who can then be called up to arrange dates. Wearing the type of clothes and driving the sort of car they like increases their affection for you, as does undertaking their favourite activities. After completing a few successful dates the option to ‘try your luck’ lets you head into your girlfriend’s place for ‘coffee’, though the camera respectfully remains outside.

Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty HD

Snake Beater – Get caught by Otacon stimulating yourself

When MGS2 was updated for the HD era a number of saucy accolades were added, including virtual awards for luring a guard with a girlie magazine, sexting a photo of a marine with no pants on to Octacon and smooching with a pinup girl poster inside a locker. This one, however, takes things to the next level as it basically involves making a lewd phone call while in a compromising position.

While exploring the tanker as Snake, you need to head into a locker room and find one with a pin-up girl poster on the inside of the door. Then, if you enter first-person view mode and focus on the poster, your view will start bobbing up and down faster than usual, the pad slightly vibrating. No clues for guessing what’s happening here. Hitting the codec button while maintaining this view connects you to Octacon, who will scold you for calling him with your sex face on. Awkward.

Heavy Rain

Pride Saved – Sexy Girl: Take off no more than one item of clothing during the strip-tease

Journalist Madison Paige gets into all sorts of scrapes while carrying out her own investigation into the Origami Killer, in Heavy Rain. Depending on choices made, players can help the heroine escape from the basement operating table of Doctor Death and hide inside a fridge to survive an apartment block fire (as you do), but one of the most perilous scenes plays out when Madison follows clues to the Blue Lagoon club.

Players attract the attention of night club owner Paco Mendez by dancing on a platform near him, before securing an invite to his private office upstairs. There, Madison’s plans to interrogate him go south when he takes her gun from her purse and insists she performs a striptease. Although you can push this scene as far as you want, the Trophy is unlocked if you protect Madison’s modesty by clocking Paco in the head with a nearby lamp after removing the first item of clothing.

God of War III

Ladies Man – Successfully entertain Aphrodite

Kratos is a Spartan warrior with some serious anger issues. Not surprising really, given that he was tricked by Ares into murdering his wife and daughter while in a raging bloodlust before their ashes were bonded to his skin, completing his transformation into the Ghost of Sparta. He also engages in plenty of morally ambiguous behaviour, and seems unable to keep it in his pants for the duration of a single hack and slash adventure.

Until his most recent appearance in Ascension (which still features scenes of nudity) every God of War release has included a sex mini-game, which usually involves Kratos bedding several women while an on-screen vase or statue explodes to confirm successful ‘completion of the scene’. In God of War III our anti-hero encounters the goddess of love–Aphrodite herself–and through a series of button mashes and stick twiddles (not a euphemism) players ‘entertain’ her while her two servants look on, remarking that the scene is “definitely for mature audiences only”. Indeed.

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker HD

Paz Mania – Obtained Rank S on a date with Paz

MGS: Peace Walker takes a different approach to the usual Metal Gear game structure, breaking down missions into smaller, more manageable chunks to suit shorter play sessions on the handheld format it was designed for. There are 32 Main Ops missions that cover the storyline and play out in narrative order, plus a whopping 128 Extra Ops side missions featuring various activities that can be tackled as and when you see fit.

One of these Extra Ops missions involves going on a beach-based date with Paz Ortega Andrade, a student at the University of Peace who turns out to be a secret agent–this is Metal Gear, after all. By playing nice music through the in-game Walkman and using positive co-op communication messages to flirt you can raise her affinity rating, and once it’s high enough you can whip out your Love Box (again, not a euphemism) then hop in together and let love bloom on the battlefield.

Mass Effect

Paramour – Complete any romance subplot

The Mass Effect series is well known for giving players the option to romance their crewmates, although this element of gameplay hasn’t always been well received. The initial release got many critics in a fluster, with one blogger even suggesting that it facilitated “virtual orgasmic rape”, and the less said about the uproar that occurred when Mass Effect 3 allowed same-sex relationships between male characters for the first time, the better.

The same Paramour Trophy/Achievement has appeared in all three games, but here in the original Mass Effect is where it all began. If you speak to Ashley Williams (male Shepard), Kaidan Alenko (female Shepard) or Liara T’Soni (either) after every mission and always choose neutral or paragon dialogue options, they will then approach you on the eve of the big final mission. All you need to do then is play your cards right and a night of intergalactic passion is your reward.

Dragon Age Origins

(various) – Experienced the thrill of romance with…

Most of the games I’ve covered in this feature include a Trophy/Achievement for getting romantic with another character (or yourself, in the case of MGS2), but Dragon Age Origins takes this to the next level by boasting no less than four separate awards for bedding different adventurers, plus a bonus one for getting the complete set.

Of your potential conquests, Morrigan is only interested in male player characters and Alistair in females, whereas Leliana and Zevran are more open-minded so can be wooed regardless of the gender you chose. As well as experiencing these individual romantic encounters, if you set up the right set of circumstances and foster enough affection with the others it is also possible to engineer a threesome or even a foursome with Isabella the pirate captain, Leliana and Zevran. Wowzers.

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

That Tune Is His Mind Control Music – Played Oishii Two-han Seikatsu and made one of the BB Corps dance

The Beauty and the Beast Corps is a group of four female soldiers, armed with special combat abilities through the augmented suits they wear. They serve as boss characters from Act 2 onwards in MGS4. After dealing enough damage to defeat their Beast form, players then fight against their Beauty form, which pursues them around the battle area while attempting to deal both psychological and physical attacks.

Once this stage is reached, evading attacks for three full minutes causes the background to dissolve away, leaving Old Snake and the Beauty in a completely white room. Although she still follows you around, equipping the camera causes her to stop and strike a modelling pose. Bringing up your iPod and playing the “Oishii Two-han Seikatsu” track will make her dance and sing along, unlocking this award in the process.

How was it for you?

So, thats our selection of the sexiest Trophies and Achievements then. Do you feel proud or a little bit ashamed to have any of them in your virtual award collection, and are there any obvious ones I missed? Let us know about it in the comments below.

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