The Disney+ MCU shows will interact with the movies “in a very big way” according to Kevin Feige

The future of Marvel is looking bright. It’s also (probably) going to take up more time than you might have bargained for. That’s because, according to Head of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige, the Disney+ streaming service (opens in new tab) and its crop of announced MCU shows (opens in new tab) will “intersect” with the new Marvel movies (opens in new tab) on the horizon in a major way.

Speaking to Variety (opens in new tab), Feige opened up about what we can maybe expect from the Disney+ MCU shows. Of course, he’s pretty steadfast on not revealing any secrets, but did tease just how important they’re going to be in relation to their movie big brothers, saying: “These episodes will intersect with the movies in a very big way. “It’s a totally new form of storytelling that we get to play with and explore.”

Whether that means crossovers, tie-ins, or introducing new characters in the testing grounds of Disney+ before unleashing them on the big screen, is anyone’s guess, but one thing is for certain: These Disney+ MCU shows are as about as close to essential as you’re going to get.

Where the likes of Jessica Jones and Daredevil only mentioned wider events in passing, this is going to be a lived-in experience in the same way as Captain Marvel or an Ant-Man and the Wasp is. You just can’t miss a single second, lest you want to miss out on the complete picture.

In case you’d already forgotten, the current batch of MCU shows coming to Disney+ include WandaVision, featuring Scarlet Witch and Vision; Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and a Marvel “What If?” series, outlining how things could have been very different in the MCU went down another path at crucial points in Marvel cinematic history.

Come 2020 – and whenever else they’ll launch – we’re going to need to keep a beady eye on all things Marvel to make sense of it all, perhaps more so than ever before. And that means a Disney+ subscription. It’s almost as if the multi-billion-dollar corporation knows exactly what it’s doing…

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