Xbox One will let you take screenshots in March

Xbox One has supported a bunch of cool options for sharing gameplay videos with friends ever since it launched, but sometimes you don’t want to go through the hassle of trimming and uploading a video. Sometimes you just want to take a damn screenshot – and come the March system update, you’ll finally be able to do so with ease.

You can start even sooner if you’re part of the Xbox One preview program, as the first stages of the update are already hitting consoles. You can’t do much with the pictures yet, aside from making them your background, but future preview builds will let you share screenshots on your activity feed, post them on your showcase, attach them to messages, and share them on Twitter.

Once your system is screenshot-ready you can capture a game image by double-tapping the Xbox One button, much as you would to record a clip. Then, if you like how it turned out, you can press Y to save it. Or if you have Kinect you can just say “Xbox, take a screenshot” to capture and save all at once. Either way, the image will drop into the new-and-improved Upload app’s screenshot section.

Just a bit longer and we can all stop taking phone pictures of our screens like a bunch of goofballs. Aside from screenshots, the March update will add a suggested friends feature, which will provide you with a list of folks you may know as well as a list of popular community broadcasters and clip creators to follow. You’ll also be able to choose to share your real name with all of your friends or all of Xbox Live, or keep sharing it with select friends or nobody at all.

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