Xbox Boss Phil Spencer says he wants a way to ban users across different platforms

Xbox boss Phil Spencer has said he would love to be able to ban users across different platforms however admits that it would be “a hard one” to do. 

In an interview with The New York Times (opens in new tab), the Xbox president said: “Something I would love us to be able to do – this is a hard one as an industry – is when somebody gets banned in one of our networks, is there a way for us to ban them across other networks?” Meaning, Spencer proposes, that if you ban a player on one online gaming platform, they will also be banned on another. 

Admitting that this would be a difficult thing to achieve in the industry, Spencer also suggests the idea of creating a “banned user list” which players can take to other platforms. He goes on to explain: “I’d love to be able to bring them to other networks where I play. So this is the group of people that I choose not to play with. Because I don’t want to have to recreate that in every platform that I play video games on.” 

Elsewhere in the same interview, Phil Spencer also praised Netflix for its “smart” approach to the gaming industry, saying that: “I think it’s smart what [Netflix] is doing. They’re buying some studios. They’re learning about the creative process of interactive entertainment. And I think it’s a very smart way for them to move into the space.”

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