Theres a Division damage stacking glitch if you’ve got fast fingers

If you’re having trouble killing all the bad men then maybe this The Division (opens in new tab) glitch can help you out. Player’s have noticed that fast switching between weapons with the Competent talent equiped will gradually boost your damage to ridiculously high levels if you’ve the patience. 

Here’s a video of it in action: 

And, in case that wasn’t clear, here’s what you have to do: 

1. Select a weapon that’s has the Competent talent equipped. 

2. Tap like hell to swap between that gun and another one, slowly increasing the damage. 

3. Shoot ALL the things. 

The Competent talent is meant to increase damage by 5.5% after using a skill but it appears you can stack the effects to reach crazy DPS levels. It might not be a universal glitch as some are saying they can’t get it work (it seems to be easier on PC than consoles) but it’s certainly repeatable, with plenty of videos showing the effect in action. 

There’s also some confusion as to whether it’s confined to just Competent, with some claiming it works for any talent on the Division forums : “For fast credits equip the credits from headshot kneepads 1k times and become a millionaire after few kills,” claims one post, referencing the Prosperous talent.

Interestingly there were reports of players stacking effects back at the start of April but it only seems to have recently received wider exposure via a series of reddit posts that have since been deleted.  These three posts all reference the glitch but have had their content removed, (two under the ruling of “No bug reports”) . 

The Division’s not exactly been having a smooth run of it so far. How have you been finding it? 

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