Wonder Woman TV Show Amazon Not Dead Yet

But Amazon may still happen. According to TVLine , CW boss Mark Pedowitz was asked about whether the show was still in development while at a press conference to showcase the CW’s new autumn shows. “Oh god, yes,” was his instant reply, which sounds encouraging.

“It is being redeveloped,” he continued, “and we’re waiting for the script to come in” which according to The Hollywood Reporter is by Aron Eli Coleite ( Heroes ) . “We do not want to produce something that doesn’t work for that character. It is the trickiest of DC characters to get done.”

Is she? Really? They managed okay in the ’70s.

And in more good news, sounds like the CW has finally given on the ghastly-sounding The Selection after two failed pilots (a rip-off of The Hunger Games , it was the show that came bottom of our Commission Or Dump? poll).

“We were looking to capture that dystopia that appeals to young adult fiction, and there is a built-in audience for that,” said Pedowitz. “The first time we definitely didn’t get it; this time, they came pretty close.” But not close enough, thank God.

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