Watch the first official trailer for The Zero Theorem

The first official trailer for Terry Gilliam’s latest mind-melting offering The Zero Theorem has landed on the internet and it already looks enticingly bizarre.

The Zero Theorem spent a lot of last year doing the rounds at various festivals, and some footage was released from the film for a short while, but despite it being talked about for the best part of a year, this is only the first real trailer for the film.

It sees a bald-headed Christoph Waltz playing a angst-ridden computer genius who takes on a soul-sucking job trying to solve an impossible equation that holds the key to the meaning of life, all set in an industrial future filled with Gilliam-esque visuals.

The film also boasts many cameos, with the likes of Ben Wishaw, Tilda Swinton and even Matt Damon popping up throughout the movie.

Watch the trailer below:

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