Wargroove Unlockables guide – how to get unlockable commanders, modes, music, codex, and more

Wargroove has been around for a while now, but now PS4 owners can join in the fun as well. For strategy lovers, the game provides the perfect opportunity to dig deep into the cracks and crevices of the grid-based adventure to find some secret Wargroove Unlockable. Across the many maps there are plenty of unlockable commanders, characters, music, art, and other goodies hiding away just waiting to be found – and we can show you exactly where to look.

While most of the unlockables come through the campaign, some are hidden in far harder places to hide. We’ve detailed the majority of those mysteries right here in our guide. Keep reading for a relatively spoiler-free breakdown of how to get the most of out of Wargroove.

Unlockable Commanders

Outside the normal commanders you’ll unlock as you play through the story mode, there are three other unlockable commanders you can earn, though they are a bit harder to obtain. The first secret commander, Elodie, can be unlocked after finishing act 7, mission 2 in the main campaign.

The second unlockable commander, Dark Mercia, is unlocked after playing through the epilogue, which requires at least one hundred stars to unlock. Mercival, the final commander, can be unlocked through earning 151 stars and collecting a series of orbs throughout each map as follows:

  • Orb 1 can be found in the bottom left corner of the map on act 2, side 1.
  • Orb 2 can be found on act 3, side 1 at the top of the map.
  • Orb 3 can be found on the top left corner in act 5, side 1.
  • Orb 4 can be found on the bottom right corner of act 6, side 1.

Orbs look like small grey angels on the field, and can be easily spotted if you know where to look. They must be collected in order, and although you can set the difficulty to easy if you’re having trouble getting to them, you still have to win the match after collecting them. Corpses don’t march to victory. 

Playing in the arcade

One of the best features in Wargroove is the arcade mode, as it’s a relatively context-free way to just jump into one of the game’s hour long missions. Each hero is playable and has five maps, where they are put up against another one of the game’s stars. Arcade playthroughs can be set to easy, medium, and hard difficulties, depending on how brave you’re feeling.

Each hero is unlocked after playing through certain missions in the camp. Caesar, the inspiring, armor-clad pooch, can be unlocked early on through the campaign in the first side mission in act two, though others will take more time as you progress. Arcade mode is a great way to test out strategies and get used to new unit types. Most unit types, including some that aren’t available until late in the campaign, are available to use right off the bat in the arcade.

Solving the puzzle

On top of the arcade and campaign mode, Wargroove features a somewhat Into the Breach-like puzzle mode where you’re dropped into a battle-in-progress. You then have to complete some sort of task in a single turn or limited amount of turns. Challenges include taking out a specific enemy, getting to a specific location, or something else.

Like the arcade mode, the puzzle menu option unlocks as you fight your way through the campaign, although it’s unlocked a bit later after playing through act 3, mission 3 so you’ll need to keep pushing on a while longer.

Cracking the codex

Just like it’s inspirational ancestor Advanced Wars, Wargroove is complicated. It has a long list of air, ground, and water-based units that all have different advantages and disadvantages based on positioning, their opponent, and the terrain. The codex helps fill in any knowledge gaps you may have, either in-match or in the menu after a game.

The codex features every unit, terrain type, character, and such with informational pages. It gives info on their narrative backgrounds and their abilities and statistics. New pages are unlocked after completing different missions in the campaign and arcade mode. You’ll unlock the base pages on each character in the campaign and additional pages will be available after playing through different heroes in the arcade.

Take a gander at the gallery

Outside of other modes, Wargroove features a fair amount of music, concept art, and other little pieces of fun that can be enjoyed when not playing. They can be found on the main menu under ‘extras’.

Each piece of art is unlocked with stars gained from the campaign and music is unlocked through arcade runs. As you progress throughout the story, each mission will give you one, two, or three stars based on performance. Those stars can then be traded for bits and pieces of the gallery.

Keep an eye out for secrets

Even though we’ve been talking about it for years, Wargroove is brand new. No one has had their hands on the game for more than a few weeks and there are still and abundance of secrets hiding around every corner. Unlockable heroes and other things the developer has hinted at are only the tip of the iceberg. If you’re eager to be one of the first to find some of Chucklefish’s hidden gems, it’s important to scour each map for the unknown. 

In Fire Emblem, you never knew if you could recruit a new character until you actually spoke to them on the battlefield. If you were wrong and they refused to be recruited, you just walked into a trap. It isn’t exactly the same situation in Wargroove, but the idea of exploring all options still holds true. Check everywhere you can, and we’ll be updating this guide soon with more secrets you can unlock.

Wargroove has finally arrived, but why not take a look at what other new games 2019 (opens in new tab) has to offer?

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