Wachowskis prepping Jupiter Ascending

Lana and Andy Wachowski are set to write and direct an original sci-fi film called Jupiter Ascending .

Vigilant movie fans may still remember their little science fiction project The Matrix , which spawned three movies and grossed $1.6bn worldwide.

Unlucky movie fans may also still remember Speed Racer , which is why it’s great to hear they’re writing and directing one of their own ideas rather than adapting an existing story.

Production is scheduled to start in spring 2012 and the pair have until then to agree an A-list star with studio Warner Bros.

With the script and even the concept under wraps for now here’s everything we know about the project: Jupiter Ascending .

Could this be the top-secret pic they were planning back in 2008 , with Matrix Reloaded and Revolutions co-star Collin Chou (he played Seraph) tapped up for a role?

Only time will tell.

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