VOTE! Your Top 5 Superhero Movies Of All Time 2013 EDITION

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Did Man Of Steel blow you away? Did Iron Man 3 blast the previous two into the dust? Did The Wolverine whet your appetite for more X-Men ? Was Kick-Ass 2 kick ass?* Could any of these films make a significant to the top 50 we revealed in 2012 ?

( *Actually, you won’t know yet, but it is released halfway through the voting period if you want to wait to see if it’s a contender – ed. )

The results from this poll will be featured in an upcoming SFX Superhero Special, and we need your opinions! Vote again and help decide the ultimate list of the greatest superhero movies of all time.

Same rules as last time:

1. You can vote for up to FIVE movies.
2. TV shows and TV movies are not included.
3. If you felt there’s a classic that has been undeservedly left off this list, there’s a free vote area in the bottom. We are keeping to a strict five vote format; if you tick off five films on the main list, you do not get a free vote. If you tick off four films, and put two more in the free vote box, we’ll only count the first of your free votes, and so on and so forth.
4. This is a poll of superhero movies. As much as we know how Whedon fans and Whovians like to vote for their shows in anything, any votes for the Buffy film or the ’60s Doctor Who films will be ignored.
5. Results are urgently needed, so get voting!

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