Uncharted 4 gets back to its roots with ridiculous car chases and witty repartee

We may not get to take control of Nate for a few months yet, but Sony saw fit to tide us all over during its E3 2015 press conference with another look at the gameplay for Uncharted 4. Nate and Sully (who we’re seeing for the first time since the new Uncharted was announced) are looking as maturely spry as ever, busting out of a temple in search of Nate’s brother Sam before immediately coming under fire from a few well-positioned mercenaries. But don’t worry, the two still have enough wits about them to snipe at each other throughout their whole escape.

As the two old buddies hop in and out of firefights and use a conveniently empty jeep to crash through markets and hope between rooftops, the demo showed off the destructible environments fans are used to with a few more dynamic elements, like a table that will break in half and send melons flying when assailed by gunfire. Plus, Nate shows he knows what’s in E3 vogue with by latching onto a moving truck with a grappling hook, proving that you can teach an old dog new tricks.

All in all, it shows a reverence to the series’ roots (ridiculous car chases were quite the spectacle in the first Uncharted) while proving that there are still a few more new things to see from Nate before the curtain falls for good.

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