This PS5 controller mock-up has every feature you could ask for

While the gaming world waits for the PS5 reveal, one fan has taken it upon himself to create a mock trailer for the PS5 controller, likely to be named the DualShock 5. In the trailer crafted by LetsGoDigital’s Giuseppe Spinelli, the camera spins around up close on the controller revealing a range of features such as back triggers, pressure-sensitive face buttons, and a USB Type-C connection port in the back. 

Some features, like pressure-sensitive triggers and the return of the touchpad have already been rumored in previous leaks, but LetsGoDigital says this particular mock-up is not based on specific dev kits but rather “simply what we would like to see from Sony.” To his credit, Spinelli has become such a prolific creator of video game mock-ups like these that he will soon be featured in the Bonami Game Museum in The Netherlands.

We’re still waiting on the official PS5 reveal and fans have been growing anxious as Sony’s plans remain hidden a few days into February. In 2013 when the company revealed the PS4, it did so in a February 5 livestream called the PlayStation Meeting. That timeline and swirling rumors led many to expect a similar reveal this week, but here we are on February 4 with no such confirmation, though the webpage for the PS5 has recently cropped up unannounced. 

One leaker now says the reveal event is scheduled for March with pre-orders on the console to become available soon thereafter. For now, we’ll have to get by with more dreamy trailers like the one above.

We don’t know many PS5 games yet, but a few have been revealed already.

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