BioShock 2 audio diary locations: Where to find every audio log

We all know how collectibles work by now, and although many of them are merely a checklist exercise that unlocks a trophy or achievement, there’s much more to the BioShock 2 audio diaries than that. These hidden recordings basically reveal the entire story of the game, so if you ignore them then you’re missing out on a huge part of the plot line and the reason your journey is happening in the first place. It’s absolutely worth your while finding these devices in Rapture’s dark corners to learn the full truth about the city’s history, including the origins of the Big Sisters, the Little Sisters, and the Big Daddies. There are 129 of them in total, which means tracking them all down yourself can become a real slog, and that’s why we put together this guide to every one of the BioShock 2 audio diary locations so you can get the full story.

BioShock 2 Audio Diaries: Adonis Luxury Resort

Audio Diary #1 – “Attention Workers!”

Located in the large pool room where you first see a Big Sister. On the left side of the room, right next to the sparking generator that you use to restore power.

Audio Diary #2 – “Fitness”

Inside the locked steam room. Just use the code written on the window to enter.

Audio Diary #3 – “To My Daughter”

After restoring power and entering the unlocked area, you’ll walk by two restrooms. The audio diary is at the back of the women’s, or “Dames,” room.

Audio Diary #4 – “Return”

Inside the room with the wading pool and fancy arched bridge. Find the corner with the “Best and Brightest” poster and look on the bench below for the audio diary.

Audio Diary #5 – “They Called It Rapture”

Before moving into the room with the Little Sister, go through the door marked Rapture Metro. The audio diary is on the floor with some teddy bears. The other end of this hallway holds a body with “Stay Away” graffiti scrawled above it.

Audio Diary #6 – “Generation”

Following the first Big Sister fight in the spacious foyer, check the corner of the bar for this audio diary.

Audio Diary #7 – “Escape from Rapture”

During the first underwater walking segment, watch your left for a crashed bathysphere pod. It’s right before the Adonis pillar forces you to jump. Search the corpses inside to grab the audio diary.

BioShock 2 Audio Diaries: The Atlantic Express

Audio Diary #1 – “The Great Chain Rattles”

You’ll enter a large station and watch as a train car falls to the ground. To the left of that wreckage is a door leading to a Train Workshop. The audio diary is on a desk inside.

Audio Diary #2 – “Mr. Tape Recorder”

Once you’ve obtained the Telekinesis plasmid, return to the area where you emerged from the water. Next to those steps is a huge fan, with the audio diary hidden behind it. You’ll need to use your newfound power to pull the diary towards you.

Audio Diary #3 – “Just a Fad”

On an upper balcony lined with gas tanks. The game is strongly suggesting that you use your newfound Telekinesis power to throw those tanks at a gathering of Splicers below. Before doing so, grab the audio diary off the drafting desk.

Audio Diary #4 – “What Happened to the People?”

This audio diary is in the second large train station – the one in which the train car doesn’t fall to the ground. To the right of that train car, up some stairs and near a mattress, is the tape.

Audio Diary #5 – “Ryan vs Lamb: Reality”

Go to the very back of the cafeteria, past the kitchen with the burning stoves. The audio diary is in a dark storage room with windows looking out on water.

Audio Diary #6 – “Know the Beast”

Once you’ve removed the wrench from the gears using Telekinesis, a big door will open. Go through and turn left, circling through some short hallways back towards the room with the gears. Along that path is the audio diary.

Audio Diary #7 – “Improving on Suchong’s Work”

Upon exiting the lengthy elevator ride, you’ll be in a room with Trap Rivets. Up some stairs and to the left is a Manager’s Office with the audio diary tucked in a filing cabinet.

Audio Diary #8 – “The Situation”

Talk to Tenenbaum, then fight off the Splicer group attack. Before leaving on the train, however, search the benches for an audio diary.

BioShock 2 Audio Diaries: Ryan Amusements

Audio Diary #1 – “Eleanor’s Progress”

This one’s hard to miss. It’s part of the “We Will Be Reborn” candle altar as you make your from the train station into the park.

Audio Diary #2 – “The Old Sheepdog”

In the security basement, immediately before you remote hack through a broken window to gain access to the park ticket.

Audio Diary #3 – “Volunteer”

The middle of the Rapture Museum, beneath a bench that is directly between the doors to the Gift Shop and to the Hall of Future.

Audio Diary #4 – “Eat Dog”

Can’t miss this one. It’s in the same gift wagon as the Drill Power tonic Eleanor leaves for you.

Audio Diary #5 – “’Child’ and Guardian”

Located near the far windows of the El Dorado Lounge, where you fight your first Big Daddy.

Audio Diary #6 – “You, Me, and 1959”

Before entering the Journey to the Surface ride, head to the Ride Maintenance room on the left for this audio diary.

Audio Diary #7 – “Escape Plan”

On floor next to the second harvest corpse.

Audio Diary #8 – “Lamb the Problem, Sinclair the Solution”

Across from the last audio diary is a pile of crates with an Eve Hypo, .50 Caliber Rounds and another audio diary. It’s right behind some falling water, and also near a large neon arrow sign that says “Conformity & Co.”

Audio Diary #9 – “Truth is in the Body”

This one’s well hidden. Near “Chaos Corner” and just a bit before the second Andrew Ryan robot is a stairway leading to a series of balconies overlooking the track. Diary is on a workbench between two of those balconies. If you reach the Scientist and Artist animatronic dioramas, you’ve passed the staircase and should go back.

Audio Diary #10 – “Deterioration”

To the right of the animatronic scene with the parents and child is a storage room full of giant hands. Climb the one in the center as if it were a ramp and you’ll find the audio diary on an upper balcony. (Thanks to reader “EngieIndeed”)

Audio Diary #11 – “Working for Sinclair”

Past the animatronic scene with the parents and child watching television is a water-filled room with a Power to the People weapon upgrade station. In a room to the right is an ammunition vending machine and the audio diary.

Audio Diary #12 – “Doctor Lamb”

Near the end of Journey to the Surface, under a security camera, is a Ride Maintenance passage with a Bot Shutdown panel. Continue in here and to the left to find a door covered in wooden boards. Break the boards with melee to reveal a hidden room with the audio diary.

Audio Diary #13 – “Efficacy”

At the end of Journey to the Surface is a miniature lighthouse scene. The door to your left holds a pile of rubble and an audio diary.

Audio Diary #14 – “Dating Tip”

You might have noticed this door before entering Journey to the Surface. Once you’ve opened / unlocked all maintenance doors in order to exit Journey to the Surface, this door will finally open. Head inside for the audio diary.

Audio Diary #15 – “A Father’s Love”

Halfway through the Hall of the Future, next to a Vita-Chamber.

Audio Diary #16 – “Cutting Corners”

Back of the Gift Shop, near a safe.

Audio Diary #17 – “Rapture is Deliverance”

Restroom of the Gift Shop… “Dames” side. You have to Electro Shock the locked door to enter.

Audio Diary #18 – “Disappeared”

Trapped in ice near the beginning of the level. Once you have the Incinerate plasmid, you can melt the ice and get it.

Audio Diary #19 – “Wooden Nickels”

When Sinclair boards the train, you’ll be attacked by a Splicer swarm. Finish them off, then look for a newly opened door to the left of the previously frozen door. It was locked when you were here before. Inside is an audio diary – make sure to grab before leaving the level.

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