Colin Farrell smoulders in first official Total Recall image

total recall

The first official shot from the Colin Farrell-led Total Recall reboot has been loaded up online.

A remake of the much-loved 1990 Arnold Schwarzenegger sci-fi, this new Total Recall uses the same Philip K Dick story ( We Can Remember It For You Wholesale ), but updates it for a modern audience.

Farrell plays factory worker Doug Quaid, who finds out that he’s really an undercover spy. But is he working for Euromerica or enemy New Shanghai?

This first image doesn’t exactly sell the remake as anything particularly noteworthy just yet, even if Farrell is pulling his best action man scowl.

If anything, it recalls the scene in the Arnie version when Quaid attempts to get through Mars’ security.

Hopefully the next pic from the film will reveal Bryan Cranston as Recall ’s villain. Now that really should be something.

See the full image below…

Total Recall opens 22 August 2012.

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