The Star Trek Discovery Short Treks are now on Netflix (but weirdly well hidden) – heres how to watch them

You can finally watch the Star Trek Discovery Short Treks on Netflix UK! The only trick is finding them, since Netflix decided to be fancy instead of just sticking the Short Treks in their own entry. Don’t let that discourage you from watching the shorts – especially since they’ll give you some nice context as you head into Star Trek Discovery season 2 (opens in new tab) – as it’s still quite easy to pull them up.

With that in mind, here are some illustrated instructions on how to find Star Trek Discovery Short Treks. Unfortunately they don’t apply for the US version of Netflix, because Star Trek Discovery is exclusively available on CBS All Access in the States. You could always check out our guide to the best VPN for Netflix (opens in new tab) if you’d rather fib to Netflix about your location than pay for another streaming service subscription.

First, pull up the same Star Trek Discovery entry you use to watch the show. You may need to search for it if Netflix’s all-knowing algorithms have shuffled Star Trek Discovery off your front page. Don’t worry if these images look a little different from what you’re seeing; Netflix clients vary by platform but the overall instructions should still apply.

Next, move your cursor down until you see several tabs that say “Overview”, “Episodes”, “Trailers & More”, and so on. Select “Trailers & More”.

Scroll to the right past all the trailers for Star Trek Discovery season 1 (opens in new tab) and the second season, and you’ll finally find the shorts. They should be presented in the same order they were released: Runaway, Calypso, The Brightest Star, and finally Escape Artist. Now you can watch them like you would any other episode.

That’s all there is to it! Hopefully the four Star Trek Discovery Short Treks give you enough spacefaring adventures to enjoy while you wait for the next full episode.

Make sure you don’t miss out on any little details with our guide to Star Trek Discovery Easter eggs (opens in new tab) and here’s how to watch Star Trek Discovery online (opens in new tab) wherever you are the world.

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