New Fortnite Sneaky Snowman item will let you hide in the Ice Storm later this week

As we near ever closer to the release of Fortnite season 8 (opens in new tab), Epic Games continues to pump out weekly doses of updates to the free to play battle royale game, and its next big item has already been announced via the in-lobby news reel. 

The Sneaky Snowman is described as a “portable Snowman disguise” that will let players “become a master of disguise” against the snowy backdrop of Fortnite (opens in new tab)’s battle royale map, now that it’s been covered in the powdery white stuff following the eruption of the mystical Ice Storm. 

While Epic hasn’t detailed how the Sneaky Snowman works, or what rarity tier it’ll be classed in, we can expect it to operate similarly to the Legendary Bush disguise that’s been around in Fortnite since Season 2, in which players who consume the item will be able to wear it until they lose health, at which point the costume will automatically disappear. 

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We know that Epic has previously expressed its interest in reworking the Bush item to make it more viable, and the Sneaky Snowman could perhaps be part of the studio’s solution, though it’ll presumably only work while the Ice Storm makes it plausible for a Snowman to blend in with the terrain. 

Few players use the Bush as a viable means for Victory Royale these days, so it’ll be interesting to see whether the community adopts the Snowman as their new favourite toy, or discard it in favour of the usual, more direct approaches to confrontation. 

The announcement says that the Sneaky Snowman is coming soon, which usually means it’ll be out either this week, or early next week, as part of Epic’s recurring content patches, so keep an eye out for it over the next few days. 

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