The Last Kingdom star teases “ups and downs” for Stiorra and Uhtred in season 5

The Last Kingdom star Ruby Hartley has teased trouble ahead for Stiorra and her father, Uhtred, in the historical drama’s fifth and final season.

At the end of the previous chapter, Uhtred (Alexander Dremon) was forced to choose between his daughter and his love Aethelaed (Millie Brady), which understandably drove a wedge between the pair. 

Their relationship is set to be tested even further as Uhtred embarks on a romantic relationship with Aethelaed, and the conflict between the Saxons and the Danes comes to a head in the new episodes — mostly due to the fact that he and Stiorra are so alike, says Hartley.

“I love their relationship in this season. Although it definitely goes up and down, I feel the only reason it does that is because they are just so similar,” the actor said in a prepared statement (via Digital Spy (opens in new tab)).

Uhtred in The Last Kingdom season 5

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“But in the end, they really love each other. She really loves her dad and speaking for Uhtred, I think he really loves her and I think that always comes through even when they’re arguing.

Hartley also touched on how thrilling it was to play Stiorra eventually “[fighting] alongside Uhtred,” and showing him “that she’s like a chip off the old block.”

The Last Kingdom’s fifth and final season premieres on Netflix today (March 9). The installment sees Hartley and Dremon share the screen with fellow returning cast members Emily Cox, Eliza Butterworth, Mark Rowley, Arnas Fedaravicus, Adrian Schiller, Cavan Clerkin, Millie Brady, Timothy Innes, Ewan Mitchell, and James Northcote.

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