Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance trailer coming before E3, says Kojima. And… Dark Raiden?

A playable demo of Kojima Productions and Platinum Games’ forthcoming Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance* will be at E3. That’s no secret (opens in new tab). However, Hideo Kojima has been getting so enthusiastic about the demo, he’s requested special permission to show footage from it early, before E3. Why? Because he’s so excited about this:

Above: The demo’s super-slick title screen, complete with Raiden

Apparently, that’s no ordinary Raiden. According to Kojima’s own Twitter feed, that is Black/Dark Raiden. He went on to tweet: “I can’t say much beyond this, but why he’s ‘Black/Dark Raiden’ is a secret.”

Well, anything to give the lad some charisma, eh? In all seriousness, however, we are expecting great things from the project, especially given Platinum Games’ track record for quality over the past few years. Bayonetta, anyone? Vanquish? Yup – thought that would stimulate your excitement glands.

Kojima is clearly as excited as we are, even posting a picture of the demo’s game over screen, complete with his own augmentation:

Above: Well, that’s handy

Of course, the arm coming out of the screen could imply either 3D support (plausible) or that Raiden will come back from the dead, perhaps triggering his transformation into Dark Raiden. With all that bionic augmentation, we wouldn’t rule that out. Aside from those reasonable suggestions, the only other possible reason for this odd photo is that Kojima has included a horrific, Ring-style punishment for failing at the game, which possibly only works if you have a Sony TV. We’ve got Samsungs and Panasonics, so we’re probably alright.

While lacking our favourite spoonerism (Fission Mailed), the fact that it’s possible to play the demo and then fail at it at least implies there is an actual game that can be played, which bodes well for the game actually existing this time. We’ll know for sure when we get to play it at E3, but at least we’ll definitely have footage to dissect before then, being particularly careful to make sure it doesn’t have a sword between its teeth while we do.

And remember, all the E3 rumours can be found in our E3 2012 (opens in new tab) hub.

Source: Andriasang (opens in new tab)

*Interesting how spellcheck says that ‘Revengeance’ isn’t even a word. No idea why it would think that

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