The Last Kingdom ending getting rave reviews as Netflixs drama gets Game of Thrones comparisons

Netflix’s The Last Kingdom is bringing in rave reactions online – and people are even saying it’s better than Game of Thrones.

The series is based on Bernard Cornwell’s The Saxon Stories novels and started out as a BBC show. It follows Uhtred, who is raised as a Dane after most of his family is killed, and sees the arrival of the Viking army to Britain. Uhtred’s loyalties are torn between the Danes and the Saxon king Alfred. While season 5 is the final installment in the show, a film is on the way

“[I don’t care] what y’all say, The Last Kingdom > Vikings and Game of Thrones,” says one fan (opens in new tab), while another (opens in new tab) agrees: “The Last Kingdom. Better than Game of Thrones. That’s the tweet.” 

“Game of Thrones rushed the ending, whereas The Last Kingdom was consistently brilliant,” believes another tweeter (opens in new tab). “The Last Kingdom on Netflix had the final season Game of Thrones should have had. WHAT AN ENDING,” says someone else (opens in new tab). “The Last Kingdom is a like a more satisfying Game of Thrones,” agrees another fan (opens in new tab)

“It’s way better than Games of Thrones. The Last Kingdom is brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. The story. The acting. The cinematography. The music. The sets. The choreography. And everything. Uhtred and his band of merry supporters are just brilliant. And I must say I love Finan,” one viewer (opens in new tab) says. 

Even beyond the Game of Thrones comparisons, people are loving the historical show. “Extremely captivating from its soundtrack to its staging in battle through history, everything in general is transmitted in an impressive way, this season has been really moving and for me it is one of the best series in history,” is one person’s review (opens in new tab) on social media. 

“What a show. Almost had me in tears, the last scene of the final episode. Anyone who hasn’t watched this show is genuinely missing out. 10/10 from me,” agrees someone else (opens in new tab)

“Finished The Last Kingdom. This is a must watch for anyone that enjoys peak fiction. Such a phenomenal series that will catch you by surprise. Top tier quality content,” says another Netflix viewer (opens in new tab)

The Last Kingdom is streaming on Netflix now. If you’re up to date, check out our roundup of the best Netflix shows to fill out your watchlist.

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