The Hitman 2 October roadmap fully embraces the Halloween season

Hitman 2 (opens in new tab) isn’t the most obvious choice for Halloween-time gaming, but this year it’s going all out with an entire month of Halloween-themed events and new content. 

A new escalation contract, called The Riviera Restoration, comes October 3 and takes place in Miami. Another new escalation contract, The Divine Descendance, kicks off October 10 in Mumbai. Playing through The Divine Descendance rewards you with the Imperial Classic suit with gloves. Then there’s The Warlord, a new legacy elusive target hitting Hitman 2 October 11 and giving you the Casual Suit with gloves. 

Later in the month, Hitman 2 turns up the spookiness with the Halloween escalation contract, debuting October 22. The map looks aggressively Halloweeny, set around a foggy graveyard with scarecrows and skeletons scattered about. The Halloween event includes two unique unlocks, but developer IO Interactive isn’t ready to reveal what they are or where the event takes place.

Three new Halloween-themed challenge packs are also coming to Hitman 2 on October 22, including Himmapan Horror, Master Scarecrow, and Master Vampire. The new challenge packs come with three new unlocks: the TAC-4 S/A Jungle rifle, the Antique Lethal Syringe, and the new Sedative Modern Syringe. The Serial Killer elusive target joins the festivities October 25, and IO says we’ll learn more about this as we approach its release. And that’s not all.

The Eccleston Illumination and The Yuuma Tenacity are two new legacy escalation contracts coming October 22. Finally, The Uninvited Challenge Pack arrives on Halloween, “themed around classic horror movies.” Completing the challenge pack unlocks Red-Tie Kiwi, and the reveal trailer describes it best: a “creepy, distracting toy.”

Earlier in the year IO Interactive teased an episodic Hitman 3 and a new IP (opens in new tab)

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