Fortnite Storm Racers challenges: How to complete the Season 10 Week 8 mission

For Week 8, we have details of all the Fortnite Storm Racers challenges, and these focus on darting around the island while using – or avoiding – the Storm in Fortnite Season 10 (opens in new tab). Of course, we normally would advise you to stay clear of the Storm at all costs, so you don’t get wiped out and end your match early, but if you want to tackle all of the Fortnite Storm Racers challenges then you’ll have to go ahead and embrace it. We have all the information you need to complete the Storm Racers challenges in Fortnite (opens in new tab) for this week, with links to more specific breakout guides where more details are required.

Fortnite Storm Racers challenges

Fortnite Storm Racers challenges

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As the name suggests, the Fortnite Storm Racers challenges heavily lean towards actions in and around the Storm as it shrinks, so be ready to immerse yourself in the tempest when needed.

Gain health in the Storm (100)

Use bandages, med kits, chug splash, cosy campfire, or anything else which increases your health while you’re sat in the Storm.

Complete a lap of a race track (1)

There are three different Fortnite race tracks (opens in new tab) around the map – east of Junk Junction, south of Polar Peak, and the obvious track northeast of Moisty Palms – and you just need to complete a lap of one of them. You can even do it on foot if you don’t have a vehicle available. 

Survive Storm phases (10)

As simple as it sounds, just survive for ten Storm phases across your matches to tick this one off, should come naturally.

Visit the centre of a storm circle (1)

Look at your map to work out where the centre of the storm circle is, the head to that area. Obviously easier in the later Storm phases, though there’s more chance of running into opponents at that stage.

Land on Polar Peak, a Volcano and a hill top with a circle of trees (1)

It’s obvious where Polar Peak and the Volcano are, but we have help if you need to know where to find the Fortnite hill top with a circle of trees (opens in new tab). Land at all three and you’re done.

Complete a time trial East of Pleasant Park or South West of Salty Springs (1)

Go to either of the stated areas and interact with the icon to start the time trial. This may be easier to complete in Team Rumble mode so you’re not getting attacked while you try and speed run.

Dance at different telescopes (3)

There are three Fortnite telescopes (opens in new tab) around the island, all on top of isolated mountain peaks. Find and dance next to all three to beat this final challenge.

Fortnite Storm Racers prestige challenges

Fortnite Storm Racers challenges

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Damage an opponent in the Storm (1)

Keep a look and listen out for fighting near the edge of the Storm, then get a hit in on an opponent if they drop back inside the Storm.

Damage gliding opponents (100)

Again, listen out for the sound of opponents gliding in around you, then get some shots on them as they fly past.

Deal damage to opponents after the first circle closes (500)

This can easily be done in Team Rumble, once the initial Storm phase has completed.

Visit the centre of storm circles in a single match (3)

Again, Team Rumble can be your friend here, as going to the centre of three storm circles in a regular match will put you right in the firing line.

Deal any amount of fall damage to an opponent (1)

Watch out for opponents walking on platforms or higher up in buildings and take the floor out from under them. Opponents will need to fall an equivalent height of 4 wall sections before they sustain fall damage.

Complete a time trial North of Lucky Landing or East of Snobby Shores (1)

As before, go to either location to trigger the time trial and get moving.

Dance at different telescopes in a single match (2)

This is easiest to do with the telescopes at Dusty Depot and Shifty Shafts, as they’re closest together.

That covers all of the Fortnite Storm Racer challenges for this week, and by beating them you’ll unlock the Gameplan back bling and Eternal Voyager (Cerulean) skin. Get chasing that Storm!

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