The Division 2 secret boss finally uncovered after staying hidden for over two months

One very cleverly placed secret boss in The Division 2 (opens in new tab) remained successfully hidden for two months after it was patched into the game, which is extraordinary for a big game released this year. Senior game designer at Massive Entertainment Trick Dempsey was the one to finally let the cat out of the bag during a State of the Game (opens in new tab) developer stream, where he revealed he’d been Googling to see if anyone had found the boss. His search came up empty.

Dempsey figured it was time to address the elusive boss and gave a few hints about where to find it. Sure enough, about 90 minutes later it was found in the Manning National Zoo mission by a Redditor (opens in new tab).

The Agony is the boss in question, and it can only be activated by shooting all five beehives in the zoo and interacting with the Western Honey Bee enclosure. The Redditor who initially posted the discovery, named ArcLight079, seemed a little disappointed by the boss that evaded him successfully for over 60 days. Apparently the convoluted process to discovering The Agony belies the boss’s fairly standard setup – a tank carrying an RPG and stinger hive dressed in a hazmat suit.

The developer went on to give a general rule-of-thumb for discovering secrets in The Division 2, saying, “The only other tip I will give, is if you find yourself in one of our levels and you have about a football field’s length in which you are doing nothing, you should probably look around.”

If you’re new to shooting and looting in Washington D.C., check out our The Division 2 guide with everything you need to know.

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