The Captain Marvel Super Bowl TV spot shows the MCU what theyve been missing this whole time

Better late than never, sure, but the Captain Marvel (opens in new tab) Super Bowl trailer (opens in new tab) is proof enough that we’ve had a Carol Danvers-shaped hole in our heart for years. The 30-second spot, which you can see above, showcases the MCU’s newest member in swaggering style as she overcomes adversity and even manages to sneak in a jet joyride with Nick Fury. Neat.

The trailer sprinkles around a handful of pre-Captain Marvel transformation clips as Carol Danvers rises through the ranks of the Air Force but, by its end, she’s the one very literally soaring through space as her binary transformation sees her go supernova. As if Thanos needed any more warnings, the Captain Marvel trailer may just be the biggest of the lot. Brie Larson is crackling with charisma and has more than a few nifty powers up her sleeve.

She’s not the only one hanging around though. Maria Rambeau, Carol’s Air Force pal, gets some air time (pun absolutely intended). This is the first real look we’ve had at a character with a potential link to a future MCU hero in Monica Rambeau, so it’s nice to see that she’s not simply an afterthought. 

Nick Fury is here too. Sam Jackson looks positively brimming with youthful exuberance (CGI does wonders to a person, I’m telling you) when he helps Captain Marvel in the jet towards the end of the trailer. Elsewhere, in the never-ending debate over whether Jude Law’s character is a baddie, he goes toe-to-toe with Carol in what looks like a playful bit of sparring. The jury’s still out on that one. All in all, an action-packed 30 seconds, and a trailer that has us doing the impossible: We’re looking forward to March even more than before.

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