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Lord of the Rings studio wants to turn Rampage into a movie

New Line Cinema is developing a movie (opens in new tab) based on Midway’s retro arcade title Rampage. John Rickard, co-producer of Final Destination 5 and the Nightmare on Elm Street remake, is meeting with writers to develop a story around the game’s conceit of “ordinary people become monsters and …

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GRs weekend Giveaway: GTA III Claude Speed action figure

(opens in new tab) Today marks the 10th anniversary of Grand Theft Auto III. To celebrate the decade of open-world gaming GTA III gave us, Rockstar’s giving us one of its just-announced, limited-edition, super-swank Claude Speed action figures (which Rockstar sells for $149.99) so that we can give it to …

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Everquest, Minecraft and Rift awarded at 2011 GDC Awards

Sony Online Entertainment, Mojang Studios and Trion Worlds were among the top honorees at the Game Developers Choice Online Awards. Held last night during the GDC Online event in Austin, Texas the evening celebrated excellence in online gaming, and included the induction of Everquest into GDC’s hallowed Hall of Fame, …

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