Joe Danger rated for Xbox Live Arcade by the Korean Ratings Board

We named Hello Games’ stunt-based motorcycle game, Joe Danger, one of the best downloadable games of 2010, but we won’t fault you if you haven’t heard much about it. The PlayStation Network exclusive was released last year to strong reviews , but the exclusivity kept it from ever growing to the absurd popularity it deserved. According the the Korean Ratings Board, that may be changing very soon.

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According to the listing, the game is to be released for the Xbox Live Arcade at some point in the future, with Microsoft Korea listed as the publisher. Though the XBLA version hasn’t actually confirmed by the developer it makes sense that they would port their game over to Microsoft’s console. Beyond simply being deserving of further acclaim (seriously, it’s like Trials HD had a baby with Sonic the Hedgehog), it would help build up the franchise in time for the currently in-development sequel. Though the original was PSN-only, the sequel, Joe Danger: The Movie, is scheduled for release on the Xbox 360, PC, and PlayStation 3, leaving you with no excuses not to check it out.

Then again, it’s not like the Joe Danger series has incredibly strong continuity. Joe doesn’t gain a new love interest or save the world, he just jumps bikes over stuff, so you won’t need to feel too bad if you skip the first when you pick up the second. Well, maybe just a little.

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