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New Ant-Man trailer packs in action and laughs: watch now

It may feature a teeny hero, but the new Ant-Man trailer is big on thrills, laughs and cool-looking miniature scraps. While Marvel’s previous trailer for the film was low on content thanks to the beleaguered production schedule, this new trailer more than makes up for that. “I want you to …

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Kevin Feige explains why he hired Peyton Reed for Ant-Man

Kevin Feige has been discussing the departure of Edgar Wright from the Ant-Man director’s chair, and what made him think Peyton Reed would be a suitable successor. “Peyton is someone that I’ve been a fan of for a long time,” says Feige. “He was attached to Fantastic Four more than …

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Ant-Man takes on Batman vs Supermans old 2015 release date

Marvel has taken advantage of the Warner Bros’ delayed Batman Vs Superman (opens in new tab) movie and moved up the release of Ant-Man (opens in new tab) to 17 July 2015. Edgar Wright’s comic-book adaptation of Ant-Man , starring Paul Rudd as the title character, with Michael Douglas recently …

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