Swim through Los Santos in this new GTA 5 mod

In one watery swoop, this incredible piece of GTA 5 (opens in new tab) work from Script Mods (opens in new tab) manages to be one of the most impressive GTA 5 PC mods (opens in new tab) we’ve seen yet.

Turning on a Tsunami spectacularly floods Los Santos and lets you swim to the city streets where everyone still seems to be trying to go about their daily business. Check out the below video from taltigolt (opens in new tab) to see the GTA Waterworld cross over that you never knew you wanted. And yes, you’re allowed to hum Under The Sea.

Plus, for the aquaphobic amongst us there’s also the ability to turn off water altogether, leaving behind the spectacular seabed filled with coral, wrecks and previously hidden mountains. There’s also the depressing sight of Killer Whales scattered across the world like an apocalyptic trip to Seaworld. Blackfish anyone?

Admire the view in the below video as taltigolt (opens in new tab) explores the seabed by truck. Download the mod here (opens in new tab) but, as ever, please read all warnings.

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