Pac-Man 3D animated show finds home on Disney XD

Namco Bandai has signed its world famous, pie-shaped mascot for a new animated show on Disney DX. Entitled “Pac-Man – The Adventure Begins”, the CGI action-comedy will broadcast in stereoscopic 3D and feature Pac-Man and his Pac-Friends/Pac-Enemies in family friendly Pac-Hijinx.

The show will be executive produced by Avi Arad, producer of the Spider-Man, X-Men, and Iron Man films; alongside Rick Ungar, best known for his work with the cartoons X-Men Evolutions, Legend of the Dragon, and the extremely awesome Biker Mice from Mars.

“‘Pac-Man is one of the world’s greatest icons,” said Arad. “He is funny and adventurous and will bring his tone and abilities to this beautifully executed animated series.”

A trailer for the 3D animated Pac-Man project first appeared at E3 2010. It’s unclear if this is the same one announced today, but it does offer an idea of where Arad and team are taking the franchise:

You may also recall the 1982 Pac-Man cartoon created by Hanna-Barbera Hanna-Barbera that starred Mr.Man and his Pac-Family, along with pets Sour Puss and Chomp-Chomp. No? Here’s a helpful reminder (aka an excuse to watch retro cartoons during lunch):

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