Is Creative Assemblys AAA blockbuster Alien Isolation 2?

It’s hard to decide whether your heart leapt with joy or terror at the potential of another horrifying slice of xenomorph packed action isn’t it? Well a job listing (opens in new tab)spotted on the Creative Assembly website confirms that the Alien Isolation (opens in new tab) studio is looking for an online programmer for “another multi-platform AAA blockbuster.”

Given that the ad states specifically that the applicant will be “part of a team which allows our game experience to be shared” this suggests that whatever this AAA title ends up being, it’s not looking like it’s just going to be a solo experience.

Sharing the fear would certainly bring a new dynamic to things and Isolation’s ending leaves it wide open for more action. Despite the fact that the threat on Sevastopol is apparently dealt with, this is still set between the first two movies and that means no shortage of xenos out there to contend with.

Amongst the other roles available are a number of lead artist and VFX roles for the console team. Whatever the project, Creative Assembly is swelling the ranks for something big and given the number of awards and game of the year titles for Alien Isolation last year we wouldn’t be terribly surprised if we going back somewhere where no one can hear you scream.

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