Doctor Who “The Angels Take Manhattan” Final Ratings

The final official viewing figures for Doctor Who “The Angels Take Manhattan” are in, now that people who recorded the episode and watched within the first week.

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The final consolidated figure is 7.82 million, up 1.92 million from the overnight rating of 5.9 million. That made Doctor Who the thirteenth most watched show of the week. It was also higher than the figure achieved by last year’s autumn finale, “The Wedding Of River Song” (7.67 million).

The average rating for 2012 was 7.96 million, higher than the figure for last year, with the Christmas episode still to be included.

The episode has also currently had over a million download requests on iPlayer.

This year’s final ratings in full, then, are:

• “Asylum Of The Daleks” – 8.33 million
• “Dinosaurs On A Spaceship” – 7.57 million
• “A Town Called Mercy” – 8.42 million
• “The Power Of Three” – 7.67 million
• “The Angels Take Manhattan” – 7.82 million

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