Want Silent Hills: A Hideo Kojima Game? Heres a chance to tell Konami.

It’s tough to imagine Silent Hill(s) was left off the “Konami heritage games survey (opens in new tab)” by mistake – especially when one of its options is Sunset “Bury Me With My Money” Riders. You can still fix that oversight yourself, even if it probably isn’t worth much more than a bitter laugh.

For every franchise you’re familiar with, the survey asks how interested you’d be in “playing a new launched version” on consoles, PC, and mobile. Metal Gear isn’t included, either, but it’s already getting a new launched version with Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain (opens in new tab) in just a few weeks, so that makes sense.

Even if you’re not particularly invested in a new Bishi Bashi or Mystical Ninja game, you can still say what you really want from Konami in the survey’s final question: “In your own words, please let us know which KONAMI games you would like to see again and with what kind of game play elements.”

By no means are you under any obligation to say “Silent Hills: A Hideo Kojima Game, and other Hideo Kojima Games by Hideo Kojima.” There’s almost no chance of it happening after Kojima and Konami’s apparent breakup (opens in new tab)… but there’s no point trying to erase your feelings (opens in new tab).

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