SFX Issue 215 Preview

A Misfits series three world exclusive and the sizzling SFX Hot 50 revealed in the latest issue of the galaxy’s greatest sci-fi mag

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SFX 215 Immortals cover

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On sale Wednesday 19 October . US chums, keep your eye out for the Immortals cover you see above.

Pick up a specially marked copy of SFX 215 in Sainsburys, and get two magazines for just £7!

Got iOS5 for your shiny new iPhone/iPad/iPod touch? You do! Well, did you know you can download issue 215 of SFX direct from Newsstand (opens in new tab) (our US chums can use this link (opens in new tab) ) on the day of release for a mere £2.99? Not bad, eh? iDevice users still in the dark ages of iOS4.whatever can also download the SFX app direct from the app store, which acts as a portal for you to download (or subscribe) to your favourite science fiction and fantasy magazine. Android users have no reason to feel left out either as you can still pick up the latest issue from Zinio (opens in new tab) .

Want to test the waters? SFX 213 (with Doctor Who on the cover) is currently 100% free to download from Newsstand, for a limited time. All you need to do is download the free app (opens in new tab) and Bob’s your uncle!


Misfits Series Three

Misfits returns to screens later this month for a third series of bonkers superpowers, wildly imaginative swearing and the impromptu expulsion of multiple simultaneous bodily functions, so we donned our biohazard suits and took a trip to the set for a day of zombie cheerleaders, and to meet the latest member of the gang – Rudy. Don’t be a monkeyslut, find out everything you need to know about the new series (opens in new tab) as we chat to writer/creator Howard Overman and see the new line-up in action in our exclusive behind the scenes pics.

The SFX Hot 50

Is it that time of the year already? After hours of shouting at each other across a large table and throwing the occasional Yoda Pez dispenser, the SFX hive mind has finally settled on a list of the top 50 (opens in new tab) movers and shakers in the world of science fiction. Did your favourite author/actor/film maker make the cut? Read on to find out!


Superman ’s Henry Cavill and director Tarsem Singh do for the Greek Gods what Zack Snyder and Frank Miller did for the Spartans in Immortals . Warning: contains copious levels of scowling, swords and six packs.

Sir Terry Pratchett

The legendary Discworld creator talks candidly to SFX about how science fiction can help in dealing with life’s ups and downs. Not half as pretentious as it sounds.

The Walking Dead Season Two

We go on set for the second season of FX’s phenomenally successful (opens in new tab) zombie show to chat with the cast and co-executive producer (and zombie make-up legend) Greg Nicotero.

Couch Potato

The couch crew enter Longpoke (aka Rich’s house) for an evening of prison-related SF.

Invaders From Mars

We take a look back at the exceptionally weird alien invasion classic in the latest Time Machine.


Don’t Miss:

Profiles : Fringe ’s Joshua Jackson talks season four and Chris Wooding tells us about his latest novel The Iron Jackal.

Spoiler Zone : Fringe , The Vampire Diaries and Lost Girl return; The Fades and The Secret Circle begin; while Eureka , Torchwood and True Blood wrap up for the year. Also the latest episodes of Doctor Who , Alphas , Haven and Warehouse 13 .


Red Alert

  • Andrew Niccol ( Gattaca ) teams up with Justin Timberlake (wait, it gets good!) for high concept sci-fi flick, In Time , where everyone in the world stops aging at 25 and time is a commodity.
  • We reveal the vampire (opens in new tab) filling the Mitchell-shaped-hole in the new series of Being Human .
  • We get up close and personal with the rather lovely Yvonne Strahovski to talk the fifth and final season of Chuck .
  • We’re massively excited about The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim in the office, and we think you should be too. Read all about dragon slaying and infinite possibilites as we speak to game director Todd Howard.


Rated : The Three Musketeers , Contagion , X-Men: First Class , Jurassic Park: Ultimate Trilogy , Peter F Hamilton’s Manhattan In Reverse , 18 (!) of DC’s 52 superhero reboots and Batman: Arkham City .


SFX 215 is on sale Wednesday 19 October, in stores, and through Newsstand (opens in new tab) and Zinio (opens in new tab) . You can also subscribe to the print version of SFX (opens in new tab) to save loads on the shop price – UK readers will also receive the second season of Fringe on DVD (opens in new tab) if they do (offer ends 30 November).

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