See Super Mario 3D Lands Boomerangs and StreetPass features in new video

In what was no doubt our last hands-on with Super Mario 3D Land before we review the title, we got to take Mario’s new Boomerang power-up for a spin, and play one of the later, more challenging levels. Though the screens Nintendo provided us were nice, now you can see what we experienced in motion by watching this new trailer. And you might just learn about 3D Land’s StreetPass features too.

At the start of the above trailer you’ll see the impressive but challenging buzz saw-filled level, and midway through you’ll see boomerang-tossing, but what about that StreetPass stuff? Apparently you’ll exchange Mystery Rooms, cramped cubes containing short challenges where Mario can earn items, 1-ups or Star Medals for his collection. You’ll trade those with other players that leave 3D Land in StreetPass mode. It’s a nice addition and one we’ll certainly use around the office, but is that an interesting hook to our readers not surrounded all day by other 3DS players?

Oct 24, 2011

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