Rumors of a Bloodborne remaster for PS5 and PC abound

A recent round of rumors point to a Bloodborne remaster coming to PS5 (opens in new tab) and PC, though there’s some reason to be skeptical.

Two well-known video game Twitter tipsters, both @Nibellion (opens in new tab) and @Wario64 (opens in new tab), have recently made mention of the possibility. Both recently linked to a video by PC Gaming Inquisition (opens in new tab), a relatively unknown YouTuber who claims to have early information about the Bloodborne remaster. It sounds like the above Twitter personalities are only going off the YouTuber’s word (as opposed to having their own independently-verified sources), which is why it’s safest to take this with a grain of salt. Then again, both Nibel and Wario64 are reputable, so their endorsements do lend credence to the rumor.

Further, the rumors are backed up by popular Twitch streamer and Twitter user CaseyExplosion (opens in new tab), who wrote on Twitter that a trusted source confirmed the remaster in return for a $100 charity donation. The details shared by CaseyExplosion agree with everything PCGI said on YouTube.

On that note, the rumors allege that a fairly-straightforward Bloodborne remaster is making its way to both the PS5 and PC with faster loading times, improved textures and character models, and quality-of-life updates. Bluepoint and QLOC, who were behind the Dark Souls remaster, are reportedly developing the Bloodborne remaster, which was set to be revealed during today’s postponed (opens in new tab) PS5 Future of Gaming event. Finally, PCGI said their sources also confirmed a proper remake of Demon’s Souls, which would launch as a PS5 exclusive.

CaseyExplosion has confirmed that a release date is in place, but stopped short of revealing one. PCGI, on the other hand, only said that the Bloodborne remaster is coming “soon.” PlayStation recently (opens in new tab) confirmed that a new date for their big PS5 event would be revealed soon, so it might not be long before we hear an official announcement on Bloodborne coming to PC and PS5. Alternatively, it could all amount to nothing. As always, we’ll pass on anything we hear as soon as we hear it.

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