Sci-Fi Pilots: Commission Or Dump How Well Did You Predict?

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A couple of months back we asked you which of this year’s US telefantasy pilots you would green light, and which ones you didn’t want to see make it to series. Below are the results – in order– that we posted in March based on your votes. Now that all the networks have made their fall season announcements (or in the case of the cable channels, their 2014 announcements) we can see how well your views chimed with the network bosses’ views.

Surprisingly well, is the answer.

1 Marvel’s SHIELD – series commissioned (now called Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD) TRAILER
2 Legends – series commissioned TRAILER
3 The Last Ship – series commissioned (see trailer below)
4 The Tomorrow People – series commissioned
5 The Sixth Gun – dumped
6 Believe – series commissioned
7 Human – series commissioned (now called Almost Human ) TRAILER
8 The Hundred – series commissioned (now called The 100 )
9 Intelligence – series commissioned (see trailer below)
10 Second Sight – dumped (presumably)
11 Sleepy Hollow – series commissioned TRAILER
12 The Originals – series commissioned REVIEW
13 Gothica – dumped
14 Delirium – dumped
15 The Selection – dumped

So, The Sixth Gun will be your biggest disappointment, while The Originals is your least-wanted that you’re going to get anyway (we quite liked the pilot, to be honest).

Because we haven’t posted it anywhere else here’s the typically subtle trailer for the Michael Bay-produced The Last Ship . It looks like it started out as a remake of Survivors until Bay said, “You know what this show needs? Battleships! Explosions! People who GLARE!”

Another trailer we’re doing the mop-up on is CBS’s Chuck 2.0 … sorry, Intelligence :

It’s also worth pointing out that Once Upon A Time In Wonderland ( TRAILER ) will be in the fall schedules as well, but that kinda by-passed the pilot process and was originally supposed to be a summer mini series.

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