Scarlett Johansson hints at Black Widow spin-off

Scarlett Johansson has been talking about her ongoing involvement in the Marvel universe, suggesting that she would be open to filming a Black Widow spin-off film if the opportunity were to arise.

“I love playing the Widow,” she told Superherohype . “I think she’s got a very interesting past, a lot of storylines to explore, and certainly Kevin [ Feige ] loves that character.”

“I think that Marvel has a very personal relationship with their fans,” she continued, when asked about the possibility of a Black Widow movie. “I think if the fans want it, and the audience wants it, nothing’s impossible.

“I would love to explore that option as well,” she says. “Like I said, I love the character and it would be nice to see something nice and gritty.”

As well as the possibility of her own spin-off (maybe exploring her relationship with Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye?), there’s also the small matter of Iron Man 3 on the horizon. However, according to Scarlett, an appearance in that film doesn’t look likely at present.

“I’ve heard nothing,” she admits. “You know how it goes. Sometimes two days before, it’s like, ‘And here’s your next mission.’ I have no idea.”

At least we know for sure that Black Widow will be appearing in The Avengers , which arrives in UK cinemas on 27 April 2012.

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