Scarlett Johansson hates her nickname

In a move that will almost certainly ensure she gets called it twice as much, Scarlett Johansson has revealed she hates the popular shortening of her name to the contrived abbreviation “Scar-Jo”.

“It’s laziness,” she told USA Today . “People can’t actually say the whole name? It’s just bizarre… If I hear somebody say that, I know I don’t know them at all.”

Traditionally, it has only been younger Hollywood starlets who’ve had their first and second names hyphened together, and Johansson goes on to query why “serious actors” don’t come in for the same treatment.

“So Cate Blanchett is not, like, ‘Ca-Bla’?” she queried. “Why is that? Why do I have to get stuck with a mangled moniker?” She went on to suggest Da-Day for Daniel Day-Lewis, which we must confess, we rather like.

Anyway, we’ve received the warning loud and clear, which is why poor Scarlett will now be referred to exclusively by her full name. Unless of course she stars in a film with Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, in which case the temptation might be too much to resist…

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