Saints Row: The Third Video preview

Mike Grimm and I were fortunate enough to get a hands-on with Saints Row: The Third recently and damned if it doesn’t bring out the kid in us! Immediately following the demo, Volition’s Drew Holmes sat down with us and essentially confirmed our belief that it’s basically confirmed what we already knew: Saints Row is the modern day, interactive embodiment of the goddamned Looney Tunes! After all, if Bugs Bunny were still working in the same spirit as his original shorts, and not resigned to be a character on kids’ lunchboxes, he’d probably be punching people in the nuts until they explode.

Call it whatever you want – immature, over-the-top, face-meltingly absurd – we’re damn close to calling Saints Row: The Third a Day 1 pick-up thanks to its cartoonish embracement of everything an open-world game should be mixed with all things naughty and juvenile. Click here to read Grimm’s recent preview.

Aug 23, 2011

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