Ryse to be re-revealed for Xbox One at E3

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Ryse, the Kinect game first unveiled at E3 2011, is set to be re-revealed at E3 in 19 days’ time, according to a countdown timer on developer Crytek’s website. The updated home page for the product, which the studio describes as “a gritty, visceral action game that draws gamers into the epic times of the Roman Empire”, also confirms that Ryse will be an Xbox One exclusive.

“Son came to Rome 2013,” the site says in Latin. “Fight as a soldier, lead as a general, rise as a legend.” It also confirms that the game will offer “controller-based gameplay enhanced by Kinect”, as opposed to being motion control exclusive. It was rumoured last month that Ryse and a new Forza were being planned as Xbox 720 launch titles, with the former supported by a new-and-improved Kinect sensor. Last night, Forza Motorsport 5 and a next-gen Kinect device were revealed alongside Microsoft’s new console.

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