All Resident Evil 7 bobblehead collectible locations

The Resident Evil 7 bobblehead locations are a great set of collectibles to work through, as finding all the Mr Everywhere toys in Resident Evil 7 allws you to earn special rewards and even an achievement along the way. Split up into various locations across the entire game, destroying all 20 bobbleheads in RE7 gives new options for subsequent playthroughs – and besides, who doesn’t like breaking stuff? Here’s all the bobblehead collectible locations in Resident Evil 7, broken up by area and the order you’ll likely find them.

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All Mr Everywhere bobblehead locations in Resident Evil 7

There’s a total of 20 bobbleheads around Resident Evil 7, each one of which has to be destroyed with a knife or bullet. The “Mr Everywhere” figures are distributed accordingly:

  • Main House: 6 (one of which is upstairs and gained on your return)
  • Processing Area: 2 
  • Old House: 4
  • Testing Area: 3
  • Wrecked Ship: 2
  • Swamp/Salt Mine: 3

Getting all 20 bobbleheads earns you the “Mr Nowhere” achievement, and earn you a couple of special items for following playthroughs: the Walking Shoes and the Essence of Defense. 

Main House

Mr Everywhere 1/20

Once you’ve spoken to the cop through the window and he hands you the knife, head back to the laundry room and smash the first bobblehead directly under the tape recorder.

Mr Everywhere 2/20

Now loop back around the house corridor to the far end by the ornate door to the Main Hall, where this bobblehead is sat on a table next to a bicycle.

Mr Everywhere 3/20

After obtaining the Ox Statue following the Garage fight and using it to open the door to the Main Hall, turn immediately left to find the next bobblehead on a side table next to a herb.

Mr Everywhere 4/20

To the right of Jack’s Memo and behind a coin is a bobblehead on top of the unit inside a basket.

Mr Everywhere 5/20

Once you’ve solved the wooden statue light puzzle and squeezed through the gap into the next area, look to the right of the Crow Door to find this bobblehead.

Processing Area

Mr Everywhere 6/20

Go to the other side of the mortuary room, through the door and down some stairs – at the end of the corridor by a Snake Door is a bobblehead on the floor between a breeze block and some tubs.

Mr Everywhere 7/20

Now cross the yard to the caravan, where this bobblehead is hiding under the steps leading to the door.

Old House

Mr Everywhere 8/20

Now continue ahead through the Gallery to get outside, then turn left to find a save room with a bobblehead on the side to your left as you enter.

Mr Everywhere 9/20

Head to the Living Room and destroy the insect nest in the fireplace (the Burner is good for this, grab the other half from the Water Station to assemble it if you haven’t already) then crawl through to spot a bobblehead on your left before going down the stairs.

Mr Everywhere 10/20

Now head around the corner and down into the crawl space, then look on the shelves to the left above a pet carrier.

Mr Everywhere 11/20

There’s also a bobblehead on the dresser in the middle of this room.

Main House (Part 2)

Mr Everywhere 12/20

If you turn around in the attic you’ll spot a bobblehead on a rafter above the ladder opening, and unfortunately it’s too far out of reach for a knife attack. To save ammunition, you can take it out with a single unit of Burner fuel by quickly tapping the trigger.

Testing Area

Mr Everywhere 13/20

Now enter the barn area next door and look up on the top of the fence to your left to spot a bobblehead. You can’t knife it, but again a single unit of Burner fuel should be enough to destroy it.

Mr Everywhere 14/20

Now turn around and look up as you exit the safe room, to locate a bobblehead above the door ready for a quick burst from your Burner.

Mr Everywhere 15/20

Outside, as you make your way to the Boathouse, hang a right into the wooden shack then check the netting on the floor for another bobblehead.

Wrecked Ship

Mr Everywhere 16/20

When you’ve climbed up the lift to 4F and Eveline has called you a liar, loop around to the 4F stairs to find a bobble head by the handrail to the side.

Mr Everywhere 17/20

Return to 2F and head for the room in the top right corner of the map, then climb the ladder inside and turn around to spot a bobblehead on a ledge opposite.

Swamp / Salt Mine

Mr Everywhere 18/20

After exiting the ship and wading through the swamp to climb a ladder into a hut, collect your items from the crate then return to the ladder and pick off the bobblehead sat on the ledge opposite.

Mr Everywhere 19/20

When you reach an area of the salt mine with a bomb at the bottom of some stairs, follow the tracks to the left then look up above a crate to see this bobblehead next to a barrel.

Mr Everywhere 20/20

After defeating the two Fat Men and climbing the ladder out of the mines, pull away the boards ahead and return to the Guest House, then go around the other side of the shelves to find the final bobblehead.

At this point you should unlock the Mr. Nowhere trophy/achievement.

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