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Best RTX 3080 PC deals in July 2022

Halfway through July and we’re seeing some of the best RTX 3080 PC deals in the US and the UK, with not only just some of the cheapest prices on record, but price drops on rigs running the latest Intel Core 12th Gen processors and DDR5 memory tech, too. The …

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Lego deals July 2022

Good Lego deals are essential when you consider how budget-bustingly expensive some kits can be. More than a few popular sets hit triple figures without breaking a sweat, for instance. That’s why we’ve corralled the best Lego deals on the best Lego sets here. You’ll find everything from Star Wars …

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All the new monsters in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

A full list of monsters in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak makes for a large one, with seventeen major new enemies for players to encounter, as well as a new sub-category – the “afflicted” monsters, powerful variants of the existing cast returned in greater forms. Otherwise, some of the monsters listed …

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