PS3 is outselling Xbox One in Japan 26 to 1. Wait, what?

While Sony has happily revealed a new version of the PS4 (opens in new tab) launching in the region at the end of the month, it appears that Microsoft just can’t catch a break in Japan. As reported by Kotaku (opens in new tab), between June 8th and June 14th, the Xbox One sold only 100 units, reaching a new all time low in terms of sales.

To put that figure into context, the PS3 sold 2633 units in the same week. Yes, that last gen console. Clearly no one wants to play Sunset Overdrive. The new 3DS XL is at the top of the Media Create (opens in new tab) Japanese console chart with 19,320 units while the Wii U sits at number two with 16,413. The PS4 completes the top three with 10,822. Even the Vita TV is selling five times more than Xbox One with 566 units being taken home.

Microsoft has already voiced discontent with sales in Japan, with a weak launch period but this is further proof that the console just doesn’t have a market in the country. Poor Xbox One.

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