The Division 2: Episode 2 is out now alongside Title Update 6

The Division 2’s latest update debuts Episode 2 in the story’s DLC, Pentagon: The Last Castle. Any Year 1 Pass owners can get their hands on the three missions in the latest episode, while everyone else has to wait until October 22. 

Pentagon: The Last Castle brings you to, you guessed it, the Pentagon, where the fall of Washington D.C. continues. Your Division Agents must try to discover the secrets inside the Pentagon before the Black Tusk take it over – and they’re already inside the building’s top-secret lab. There are also two Classified Assignment missions that come with Episode 2 for Year 1 pass holders: Marina and Embassy. 

The update also offers a new specialization for Year 1 pass holders for free. The Technician hits the ground with a P-017 Launcher, a Maxim 9 sidearm, and an EMP Grenade, and is intended to fill a support role, with a Hive skill that can buff teammates. Players who don’t have the Year 1 pass can complete a series of objectives in order to unlock the Technician.

Episode 2 isn’t the only big thing coming to The Division 2 – Title Update 6 (opens in new tab) is also live for all players. This massive update includes major fixes and improvements based on community feedback and an ‘Elite Task Force’ workshop, which brought The Division 2 players to Ubisoft Massive’s Malmo studio (talk about crowd-sourcing). 

Title Update 6 includes:

  • Targeted loot
  • An overhaul of Named Items
  • Crafting changes
  • Recalibration changes
  • Filled brands
  • Inventory Management 2.0
  • Increased stash space
  • Talent and weapon rebalance
  • Dark Zone Server Transfers
  • Updated Thieves’ Den Vendor
  • Dark Zone Supply Drop Changes
  • Normalization in Dark Zone Changes
  • Occupied Dark Zone Ambushes
  • Conflict: Loadout Selection during map voting
  • Bonus armor visualization incresaed
  • Conflict: End of Match Rewards changes
  • Stored tutorials

There’s also a new PvP mode that pits two teams of four against each other in a best-of-seven battle in the middle of Washington D.C, plus a new map called ‘Wharf.’ Check out the full patch notes here (opens in new tab).

If you’re looking to try out The Division 2, Xbox Live Gold members can play the game for free from October 17 to October 20. Afterwards, the game will be available at up to a 70% discount on the PlaySTation Store, Microsoft Store, Uplay Store, and Epic Games Store.

 See how The Division 2 turned Washington into a breathtaking post-pandemic playground (opens in new tab).  

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