Portal 2 turret plushie is all heart, zero bullets

Portal 2’s turrets are so gosh darn charming, it’s easy to forget that their main function is to straight up murder your ass with cold, remorseless efficiency. Sadly, it’s this one small detail that makes them all but impossible to market in the real world, but one Canadian tinkerer has created the next best thing in an death-free, interactive turret plushie.

Named Trudi, the prototype toy was created by an amateur engineer named Jonathan M. Guberman with design and sewing assistance from Toronto artist Leigh Nunan (opens in new tab). As demonstrated on Guberman’s blog (opens in new tab), Trudi is equipped with motion, lift and tilt sensors, giving it – sorry, ‘her’ – the ability to react to movements and the presence of others with authentic Portal quotes.

Want one? Tough. Though Guberman is forthcoming with the do-it-yourself assembly instructions, he has no current plans to market Trudi, writing, “As much as we’d love to make you one or sell you a kit, the last time I suggested doing something like that I was very quickly dissuaded. So, if anyone from Valve sees this and wants to talk about giving us permission, or at least turning a blind eye, please get in touch!”

In what will surely end in tragedy and/or blinding awesomeness, Guberman said a fellow engineer with the experimental design group Site 3 (opens in new tab) is working on a fully functional, life-sized Portal turret replica complete with moving parts, real sounds and the ability to fire projectiles. Harmless projectiles, of course. For now.

[Source: Up, Not North (opens in new tab)]

Apr 27, 2011

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