Persona 5 Royals new opening cinematic is so stylish it hurts

Persona 5 Royal (opens in new tab) releases in Japan on Halloween and worldwide in spring of 2020, and we’ve been graciously provided with the game’s deliciously stylish opening sequence. Atlus uploaded the Japanese-language cinematic to YouTube, and as has come to be expected from Persona 5, it’s about as cool as it gets for video game intros.

Persona 5 Royal is the beefed up version of Persona 5, sort-of like Golden is to Persona 4. As such, Royal comes with a bevy of enhancements and additions, including a new Phantom Thief member and Palace, 20 new songs, new story and social elements, a playable third semester, PS4 Pro support, and of course a new opening cinematic along with a bunch of other cool stuff.

Without spoiling the experience, the cinematic is a brisk minute-and-a-half long romp through Tokyo with members of the Phantom Thieves and Goro Akechi. The video also shows the newest Phantom Thief, Kasumi Yoshizawa, performing some pretty wicked dance moves in the rain with an umbrella. Set to Persona 5 Royal’s new, super-groovy opening song, the sequence effectively hyped me up to return to Persona 5 next year.

Like previous expansions to different Persona games, Royal is set to be a substantive update to the acclaimed Persona 5. Unfortunately, speculation that it might release on Switch was shut down recently in a FAQ by Atlus, which says there are “currently no plans” to expand Persona 5 to other platforms.

We here at GamesRadar recently went through our picks for the top video game openings (opens in new tab) of all time.

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