How to get a nuke in Call of Duty Mobile

Knowing how to get a Call of Duty Mobile nuke is basically the best way to win. It’s a series staple for COD multiplayer success and the sign of a definitive win. At any cost. Unsurprisingly, for something that kills everyone and ends the game, it’s not an easy get. But it can be done in Call of Duty Mobile and coming up we’ve got all the details on how to get a nuke in Call of Duty Mobile.

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How to get a nuke in COD Mobile

How to get a nuke in COD Mobile

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There’s two requirements to get a nuke in COD Mobile, and the first is much easier than the second: you simply have to reach rank 20. Once you hit rank 20, the ability to call in a nuke becomes available. You don’t need to equip it or anything, once you complete the second requirement in-game, it will automatically unlock.

That’s where it gets more difficult though, because once you hit rank 20, you also need to get a kill streak of 20 in a match to be rewarded with a nuke. While COD Mobile might be easier than a mainstream Call of Duty game, getting 20 kills in a row without dying is still no mean feat, especially since this has to be achieved with weapons only. Scorestreak kills do not count towards the total.

When you hit 20 kills, a nuke will become available. Using it will open a briefcase computer and call down the nuke, but it’s worth clarifying that this doesn’t end the game. In prior COD titles a nuke has meant the end of the match, but a COD Mobile nuke simply wipes out everyone on the enemy team, then the match carries on. Good luck!

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